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Hybrid 20785A.

2022 World Division Finalists


About Us.

We are a second year VRC HS team from Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet. In previous years, we have reached new heights and propelled UK robotics to ever greater heights, winning two awards at the Tipping Point World Championships in Dallas, Texas.

Our team consists of Chanul (Driver), Sayan (Driver), Muhammad (Designer & Builder), Joel (Programmer), Rayan (Designer & Builder), Kiaron (Designer & Builder) and Luc (Designer & Notebooker).

We hope to finish our final season of VEX with a bang and achieve our best!

About Us

Innovative Design.

Building robots from the ground up, with usability and performance in mind. Leading the face of VEX Robotics with innovative ideas. Awarded the Innovate Award at World Qualifiers in 2022 to reach the VEX World Championships.

Innovative Design


The first ever UK VRC Robotics team to reach world division finals, all whilst being a first year team. In our second year, we hope to reach even greater heights, putting to use everything we have learned.


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